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Creative Werks Group

Quality, reliability, and competitive pricing are the three attributes that Creative Werks values most in Pioneer Packaging. Focusing on product development, manufacturing, and packaging design, Creative Werks appreciates Pioneer’s collaborative approach and attention to detail for every project.

The two companies have been partners for a long time, and Pioneer Packaging consistently delivers on what they promise. Jim Bandelow, Creative Werks’ Senior Procurement Manager, provides insights on what he enjoys most about working with Pioneer.

Creative Werks Jim

High-quality packaging materials

“Creative Werks has been working with Pioneer for a long time, and the superiority of their materials really stands out. We have had some quality issues with previous suppliers in the past, but never with Pioneer. It doesn’t matter if the project is low volume or high volume, or if it’s a mix of different types of materials, or the aesthetics are very important to the client, they always deliver what’s required at a very competitive price.”

Pioneer is our partner

“We’re a packaging designer, and our company needs packaging material suppliers that work with us to develop projects, not just take orders. We provide some direction, like price point, type of item to be packaged, and the design, and Pioneer helps us develop a solution that fits the bill. They are constantly trying to find new and better packaging materials that deliver increased quality at a lower price for our customers.”

Flexibility is key

“The packaging material suppliers we work with have to be able to adapt to our needs. Pioneer is flexible because they deal with a vast number of different products, from roll stock films and cartons to tins and rigid plastics.

“Once we were tasked with developing a new pack design for a major gum company. We reached out to numerous packaging material suppliers trying to find a solution to place the gum pieces into a plastic pack. We were out of luck until we found Pioneer. They worked side by side with us to develop a carton sleeve option with plastic adhesive strips on the inside and outside of the sleeve that would hold it in the plastic container. This product was nowhere on the market before our partnership created it. We went back and forth with ideas and prototypes until we nailed down a new product and process. That’s Pioneer’s level of involvement and flexibility.”

Excellent communication and turnaround times

“Pioneer communicates clearly and openly. As we develop these projects together, they have always stayed on track, responded quickly, hit all the delivery deadlines, and ensured the quality was top notch. They provide samples quickly and just generally keep projects moving.”

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