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Customizing Solutions To Meet Your Unique Needs


At Pioneer we recognize that not every business or product is ready for market. New products need new packaging, while existing products may need to be updated to eliminate issues, remain competitive, or keep up with changes in raw material availability.

Whatever the cause, Pioneer Packaging is able to assist with design, prototyping and testing services. We can custom design labels, graphics, or packaging solutions—from cartons to clamshells and beyond. You will get production-quality prototype packaging in hand to see and feel your finished product before production begins.

A Design and Prototyping Program Specific To Your Needs

Not sure where to start? No problem, our team of experts can help identify the best options for your company.

Pioneer offers innovative solutions for all of your packaging needs. With paper, bio-based and poly-based technological improvements, there are new options that may reduce your package cost while improving performance.

We incorporate sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable materials in many of our products, helping to support the green initiatives that are so important to your business and your customers.

We’ll work with your marketing and production teams to design secure, attractive, cost-effective packaging for your products. We review design options, provide mock-ups and cost comparatives, and create the final production specification to ensure your new product is a success.

Verification and Validation to Ensure an Optimal Outcome

Before your products hit the road, it’s advisable to undergo testing to ensure that your packaging and packing methods will properly protect your goods on the way to their destination. Pioneer can help you to test, verify and certify your packaging meets industry standards for your shipping methods.

Our services include drop, vibration and environmental exposure testing with state-of-the-art equipment. This enables our team to validate packaging designs and ensure they perform out in the real world.

We use ISTA certified packaging engineers who able to provide the required documentation to have your products and package certified according to ISTA and Amazon’s APASS standards.

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