Providing Consistency For Moving Company

Pioneer Packaging Moving Storage Case Study


Customer Challenge:
  • Supplier running out of product during peak times
  • Poor communications and service
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Lack of availability for after hour pickups for road drivers
  • Increased sizes of TV’s created a packaging challenge with multiple SKU’s
  • Damage to mattress bags causing waste


Pioneer Packaging Solution:

The Pioneer Packaging team analyzed the situation.

  • Provided a superior service model
    • 24 Hour Pickup
    • Superior communications
    • Offered consignment model for inventory management
  • Leveled out the pricing structure
  • Enhanced product offering for mattress bags
    • Colored Bags to indicate different sizes
    • Enhanced mil thickness for added protection
  • Added additional and innovative products for a one-stop-shop
    • TV/Artwork carton
    • Designed & developed a single adjustable multi-use carton that fits up to a 90 inch TV/artwork
  • Extranet for ease of ordering, inventory control & budgeting


Outcome/Customer Win:
  • Consistent on-time deliveries
  • Availability for 24-hour driver pickup
  • Eliminated customer running out of product
  • Dedicated sales and customer service staff
  • Superior inventory management program
    • Ease of ordering online and tracking purchases
    • Product on the floor at all times eliminating the risk of not having product available when needed
  • Innovative TV/Artwork carton to accommodate the various sizes and styles of TV’s and artwork
  • Increased mil thickness to provide better protection for mattress’s
  • Reduced waste for mattress bags by supplying defined colored bags for each size mattress
  • Happy customer