Pioneer Packaging: Preferred Protection Program

Are You Protected From Packaging Supply Chain Volatility? The pandemic has left no stone unturned. The global supply chain was especially hard hit, impacting many of the crucial material supplies used in packaging. Here at Pioneer Packaging, we’ve developed a solution for this changing landscape — so that we continue to provide you precisely what you need when you need it, shield you from packaging supply chain volatility, and position your business for success in this new reality.

Now, Pioneer Packaging has the solution that does just that.

Preferred Protection Program

What’s the New Reality?

The pandemic created a perfect storm of economic difficulties. The packaging supply chain landscape was forever changed – from labor shortages to limited manufacturing operations to decreased access to materials. Add on to that the sudden, quarantine-induced, skyrocketing growth for e-commerce-related packaging. In real terms, that means a low supply and a high demand situation, where customers pay higher prices for delayed deliveries.

Pioneer Packaging Preferred Protection Program


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What is Pioneer Packaging’s Preferred Protection Program?

We designed our Preferred Protection Program to do just that — protect our Pioneer Packaging partners against exorbitant price increases and unpredictable supply shortages. It’s the best protection for your inventory management and your bottom line on all the innovative packaging solutions we provide.

Preferred Protection Program

  • Control Pricing
    That means minimal price increases and no surprise billing.
  • Ensure Product Availability
    We will have the materials you need when you need them.
  • Worry-Free Storage and Distribution
    We store your materials on our floor and immediately ship them at your request.
  • Immediate Peace of Mind
    Predictability, stability, and security for your inventory, budgeting, and planning.


Ready to Start Protecting Your Packaging?

Contact Pioneer Packaging to start protecting your pricing, your materials, and your inventory. It’s one more way that Pioneer Packaging is there for you, with our unwavering focus on your packaging supply chain, so that you can focus on your business.