Keeping Your Supply Chain Optimized

A well maintained packaging machine is crucial to helping your operation achieve maximum throughput and productivity. Once you have a machine integrated into your packaging system, if it goes down, your entire line grinds to a halt. To avoid any interruptions in your processes and consequent downtime, you must be aware of when your packaging machines require service before a major issue occurs that stops your operation.

The question is, how do you know when it’s time to service your packaging machines?

Proactive maintenance: Your first line of defense

As with any piece of machinery or equipment, regular maintenance is crucial to the continued operation and productivity of your packaging machines. As you use your equipment, normal wear and tear will eventually lead to total failure if proper steps are not taken. Proactive or preventive maintenance means keeping regular tabs on your packaging machines, inspecting them at regular intervals, identifying and replacing worn parts before they break, and ensuring the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication and inspections are followed.

Having a professional technician complete these tasks frequently will keep small problems from turning into large, expensive, and time consuming issues.

Predictive maintenance for packaging machines

When it comes to packaging machine service, there is now technology that allows you to know exactly when preventive maintenance is required. Many of the packaging machines that we offer at Pioneer provide predictive maintenance alerts that provide early warnings. The benefit to these systems is that they prevent a loss of efficiency due to a worn out part, while also allowing you to get the maximum utilization out of wear parts by telling you precisely when they must be replaced. Plus, you can avoid wasted time and money by conducting packaging machine service too often.

  • Pregis packaging machines – At Pioneer, we offer a variety of Pregis machines that include predictive maintenance systems. They use cellular telemetry to track, monitor, and measure automatically the important data and leading indicators of a potential issue. This data includes temperature, pressure, material consumption, and speed of operation. Data that is irregular or out of the normal range will automatically notify a technician who will then schedule a service call immediately.
  • RIOS – Rios’ Elysium system uses robotics and artificial intelligence to make your packaging operation smart. Their material handling, food handling, automated bagging and boxing robots are all equipped with predictive analytics for maintenance and provide real time production data. RIOS robots will alert technicians automatically if there is anything out of the ordinary or if maintenance is needed before a costly breakdown occurs.
  • Starview – At Pioneer, we also offer Starview clamshell and blister sealing machines that give management access to real time performance and process information via ethernet hardwire or an optional WIFI router. Armed with that information, you can make the right decisions about when packaging machine service is required to keep your operation functioning at peak performance.

Pioneer is your packaging partner

At Pioneer we offer the packaging machines you need to create a highly efficient, productive packing line. We are at the forefront of advanced packaging automation and robotics technology, and our team will work with you to determine which options are best for your specific operation. If you want smart packaging machines that will minimize downtime by letting you know exactly when service is needed, then let’s talk.

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