Automation Packaging Services

Packaging robots are engineered to handle tasks that make your operation more efficient. They are great at finishing highly repetitive jobs, like putting goods into boxes, moving products, sealing and labeling packages, and more. Once integrated into your packaging operation, robotic technology will speed up processes, minimize material waste, reduce the labor requirements, and boost your overall throughput.

What is a packaging automation as a service program?

The problem that many companies face when trying to automate their packaging operation is the heavy upfront capital costs. These costs can make fully automating your process prohibitively expensive. That’s where automation as a service or robots as a service comes into play.

Through a packaging automation as a service model, all you need to do is pay a flat monthly fee that includes installation, programming, software updates, and remote monitoring of the robotic technology—all for less than the hourly cost of a worker. The result is that you’re able to rapidly scale your business up or down based on customer demand and to use packaging robots without a heavy capital investment.

Benefits of an automation as a service model

This type of model gives you access to the most advanced packaging robots on the market,
greatly improving your operation.

  • Immediate ROI – 40% to 60% savings from day one of implementing the program
  • No upfront costs – You gain access to packaging robots with zero capital investment
  • All inclusive service – Installation, 24/7 monitoring, support, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Increased throughput – Packaging robots work 1.5-2x faster than human operators
  • Scalability – Increase or reduce the number of robots your operation uses based on your current level of demand
Pioneer will help you get started

Pioneer partners with RIOS Robotics to offer an automation as a service program. They design packaging robots using artificial intelligence and offer a one of a kind multi-purpose robot that can handle the tasks that are the most difficult to automate. They complete a wide range of pick and place, boxing, and filling tasks without any scripting or pre-programming.

By leveraging this advanced technology, Pioneer helps you reduce packaging errors and costs while speeding up your packing line. Our team will be your point of contact to set up your packaging automation as a service program and provide the RIOS robots required for your operation.

If you’re interested in seing up a packaging automation as a service program, then contact the Pioneer team today!