Top Benefits of Recyclable Shrink Film for Bottle Labels


The Benefits of Choosing Recyclable Shrink Film for Bottle Labels

When you’re deciding how to brand your beverages, cleaning supplies, or other products in bottles, you generally have two options available: traditional wraparound labels or shrink film labels (also called shrink wrap labels, shrink sleeves, or shrink sleeve labels). Recyclable shrink film offers numerous advantages over traditional wraparound labels, and at Pioneer, we recommend using it for all of your bottled products.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits of shrink film.


Shrink wrap labels are easily recyclable

How simply your product packaging can be recycled plays a larger and larger role in whether customers choose your products over the competition’s. The advantage of using shrink sleeve labels with PET bottles is that the entire packaging can be recycled. You are not required to remove the label, eliminating an extra step from the recycling process and making it easier. Traditional plastic labels must be taken off bottles before they can be recycled.


Highly versatile and simple to implement

The recyclable shrink film we carry at Pioneer works with any shrink wrap equipment and every application. You don’t need new machines, and you don’t have to retool your existing shrink wrap machines to work with this film. Plus, our shrink sleeves can conform to almost any bottle type and shape, making them one of the most versatile forms of packaging for these types of products.


Excellent branding potential

Shrink wrap labels give you 360 degree coverage of your product. This coverage provides additional real estate for branding, imagery, product information, regulatory information, and anything else that needs to be included on your labeling. Well designed shrink sleeve labels can make your product stand out from the competition, cultivate excellent brand recognition, and improve the overall customer experience.


Enhanced label durability

Shrink wrap labels are plastic and do not require any adhesive. As a result, they are not affected by moisture or temperature. These properties make them an excellent choice for beverage, hair care, and other products that are often kept in humid and high moisture environments like showers and refrigerators.


Tamper protection

Unlike traditional labels, shrink sleeves can extend up the neck and over the lid of your bottle or container, providing a tamper evident seal. This feature is especially useful for drugs, supplements, and other similar products that use bottle packaging.

If you’re looking for highly effective, recyclable, and easy to implement labels for bottles, then shrink film from Pioneer is your best option.

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