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Pioneer’s development process is comprehensive

Meat & Dough Foods LLC produces gourmet food products and sells them both under their own brand and through private labeling. When they needed to create custom packaging for nine different meat dumpling products, they turned to Pioneer to help bring their designs to life.



Meat & Dough Foods wanted unique, custom packaging for their products, both for their brand and for private labels. They provided a competitor’s packaging for a similar product to use for inspiration, but they wanted to exceed its quality and creativity.



After researching packaging suppliers, they identified Pioneer as the company that wanted to work with. Meat & Dough Foods provided their specifications for folding, height and width and an overall design template to use as a starting point. Pioneer offered suggestions, guided them through the entire process, and created samples to test. When Meat & Dough Foods realized that there wasn’t enough height at the top of the packaging to fit a ribbon they wanted, Pioneer
collaborated with them to adjust the height and design to meet their requirements.



The custom packaging that Pioneer developed was exactly what Meat & Dough Foods had envisioned, and it worked perfectly in their processes. When several of their private label partners needed slight changes in the packaging, Pioneer provided solutions and made all modifications. Any requests were implemented quickly, and the final products met all the necessary packaging specifications.


What’s it like to work with Pioneer?

“Pioneer led us through the entire process and helped us design the right packaging to meet our requirements. This was our first time designing custom packaging, and they were very helpful and delivered a great final product that was exactly what we were looking for.

“They’re really more like our partner than just a supplier. Pioneer is the company that will always meet your expectations. They will save you time and effort and produce a high quality product that meets the highest standards of the industry. What I also really like is that they offer us other products that they think may help our operation. Their team reaches out about every two months, asks how we are doing, talks with us about our goals, and makes suggestions for us. They don’t pressure us to buy at all; they’re just looking to help. Plus, their prices are very competitive, and they store a six month supply of our materials, so we always have what we need.”

– Chris Dokliev, President
  Meat & Dough Foods LLC

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