Customers Rely on Pioneer Packaging

Lifted Made sells a wide range of hemp, CBD, and Delta 8 products in a variety of forms, including resins, gummies, flowers, and extracts. For expert advice on packaging their diverse product range, they rely on Pioneer to transform their ideas and designs into a reality, plus add their own ideas, and keep on top of the latest packaging technologies and materials.

The Challenge

Lifted Made has many different products with a variety of packaging requirements, and they produce high volumes. Their challenge was to find a company that does more than just sell them packaging supplies. They needed a collaborative partner to work closely with them to handle their unique needs, while delivering on time. Because Lifted Made requires large volumes of packaging, they also needed a process in place to ensure that the materials they design and order function properly, before actually beginning the production.

The Solution

The solution was to work with a highly involved partner, Pioneer, who is invested in the success of Lifted Made and constantly on the lookout for new materials, machines, and methods to improve their operations. Lifted Made’s sales representative from Pioneer even has a desk at their office and spends two to three days a week there. When it comes to new types of packaging, Pioneer worked with Lifted Made to develop a protocol involving mock ups, hard proofs, and physical prototypes to ensure everything works properly before actually beginning production.

The Outcome

Lifted Made purchases 90% of their packaging through Pioneer and its partners. There is always an open exchange of ideas, with a lot of back and forth between the Pioneer and Lifted Made teams. Pioneer has recommended and helped implement automation machines, new types of packaging, and design changes that have made Lifted Made’s operation more productive and efficient.

Pioneer’s customer service is excellent

Antonio Lauria, Director of Operations at Lifted Made, elaborated on how they work with Pioneer.

“Pioneer is very thorough and always accessible. Once you begin a relationship with Pioneer, they are going to follow everything through until the end, no matter how many questions you have or how complicated or simple your project is. I would say our relationship goes beyond collaborative. Our Pioneer sales rep spends two to three days a week at our office. He has his own desk, so we can sit down together and brainstorm new solutions, talk about packaging R&D, and review new packaging proofs.

“Pioneer’s delivery times and reliability are great. They don’t over promise and tend to actually be a little bit better than the timeline they give. If they say it’s going to be three weeks, then it might be two weeks and five days. If there is a problem, and something will be a bit later, then they are excellent at communicating with us and keeping us informed. For the most part they are ahead of schedule and always honest with timelines. They understand how important our launch dates are.

“Pioneer looks at our operation and comes to us with ideas about automation, machinery, and specific packaging to increase our production output. They help us implement new game changing solutions all the time and introduce us to new partners. Pioneer goes to packaging shows and comes back with new vendors or suppliers that have machines or materials that could be useful to our operation. They facilitate relationships for us.

“They are not just selling us services; they are helping us fine tune how we do business. Pioneer is in the business of helping us succeed, because they know that’s how they’ll get more business from us. They don’t just stop at taking an order for packaging materials, they really get involved in our success. That’s something not a lot of companies don’t do.”

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