Overcome Labor Shortages with Packaging Automation

Best Practices

If you’re running a business or paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard that many industries are experiencing labor shortages. Workers are hard to come by, making it difficult for everything from restaurants to packaging operations to function at optimal levels. These constraints are also leading to a sharp rise in the cost of labor for many businesses.

When it comes to your packaging operation, the solution to labor difficulties is to integrate a greater level of automation in your processes. With a wide range of packaging automation options, Pioneer can help you find the best solutions for your business.

Pioneer Packaging Automation

Packaging Automation Saves On Labor And Costs

Manual labor is still integral to many packaging operations and forms a large part of a company’s total packaging costs. Although a significant investment, in the long run replacing manual tasks with automated ones will greatly reduce the cost of your packaging operation and make you less dependent on the labor market.

Packaging automation can include specific parts of the packing line, which still incorporates some elements of human labor, or you can implement a system that completely packs entire pallets of goods—from filling to sealing to stacking. No matter how much of your operation is automated, by adding machines to handle many of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks, companies can greatly reduce the number of workers on the payroll. These tasks may include inserting dividers, stuffing materials, sealing bags, taping and securing boxes, and more.

Increase Packaging Throughput

Incorporating automated packaging machines into your operation will pay off quickly. They allow you to package more goods in a much shorter period of time, cutting production time and boosting your overall throughput. This increase in efficiencies will help scale your business and deliver more products to your distributors or customers.

In addition, greater automation typically results in less packaging material waste than packing by hand. For example, when taping boxes, a packaging machine will only use the exact quantity needed to build and seal the box, whereas manual packing will often lead to slightly different amounts used for each box, and in excess of what is needed. Overall, this waste and its costs build up over time.

At Pioneer, we offer a variety of automated packaging machines that will cut your labor requirements while speeding up your throughput.

Choose Packaging Machines To Match Your Exact Requirements

At Pioneer, we offer a variety of automated packaging machines that will cut your labor requirements while speeding up your throughput. From compact tabletop options to larger floor models, we provide machines that label, address, open, and fill bags and boxes automatically. We also have options that allow special programming and customization to match your needs exactly. Choosing the right machine depends on your product, packaging materials, optimal throughput, and several other factors our team will show you how to determine.

Optimize Your Operations By Customizing The Level Of Automation

Pioneer designs and develops custom packaging and supply chain solutions, and we’re a distributor for the best automated packaging machines on the market today. Our team will come to you to evaluate your operation and determine what level of automation would be optimal for your products and requirements. Then, we’ll work with you to find the machines that are the best fit for your needs and integrate them seamlessly into your packaging line. The result will be that your operation delivers a much higher throughput with much less manpower required.