Benefits of Using POP Displays

Boost Your Sales with Retail POP Displays from Pioneer

If you sell your product in retail stores, then you understand how important it is that it stands out compared to the competition. For similar products with similar prices, the one that catches the shopper’s attention is the one that’s purchased. The competition is fierce and there are a lot of different options available. Having an effective, sharp looking point of purchase (POP) display can make all the difference in whether your product is chosen—or not—in the store.

What are POP displays?

POP displays combine a shelf or carrier for your product with marketing materials. You will see them in aisles of grocery stores and other type of retail stores. Instead of a two dimensional sign that could easily be overlooked, POP displays are often larger, brighter, and stand out, because they are set up on the floor next to the shelves containing other products, making yours stand out as special or exclusive.

When designed, built, and set up effectively, POP displays can increase your retail sales by 20% and yield a high return on investment.

Top benefits of using POP displays

Here are the top ways that POP displays benefit your business:

  • POP displays make your product stand out – As mentioned, stores have a lot of similar looking and priced products. A POP display takes your products off the shelf next to all your competitors and gives them their own section, which helps encourage customers to choose yours over the others.
  • POP displays encourage impulse purchases – Customers make about 80% of buying decisions while inside the store. POP displays highlight the attractiveness of your product and can help customers decide to buy your product, even if it wasn’t on their list. They are bright and eye catching and draw people’s attention, and that’s half the battle when it comes to retail.
  • POP displays help ensure your product is displayed correctly – Retailers don’t always know how to properly display your product on their shelves. POP displays help stores understand how to set up your products to ensure maximum visibility and sales.
  • POP displays improve brand perception – A high quality, attractive POP display will give customers the impression that your brand represents a high quality, attractive product that is better than the competition.
  • POP displays allow you to give customers more information about your products – More often than not, there is not much space on your product’s packaging to showcase its qualities, features, and uniqueness comprehensively. Surfaces on POP displays give you a much larger area to familiarize customers with your product and encourage them to purchase.
Find high quality POP displays at Pioneer

At Pioneer Packaging, we create custom POP displays, tailored to the needs and requirements of your products. DCP International, Pioneer’s sister company, specializes in this area with high quality design, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities. Together we incorporate your logo, branding, and any other messaging you would like to include and can make unique displays suited to a wide variety of different types of products. They are perfect for engaging your customers, making your product stand out among all the rest, and for increasing your retail sales.

Contact the Pioneer team today to see what POP display options we can create for your products!