Sharp® MAX-PRO 24


The MAX-PRO 24 was made to accommodate larger products – using bags up to 36” long, 24” wide, and can handle products up to 10lbs with a 12” pass-through. This bagger was designed for packers, its enhanced safety features and simplified loading process make changeover a breeze. To reduce downtime the MAX-PRO 24 has Maxwell™ Technology with predictive maintenance alerts. And the HMI adjustable pass-through give this bagger maximum fulfillment speed.
Product Details
Runs longer and wider packages up to 36″ long, 24″ wide, with passthrough up to 12″ and accommodates products up to 10lbs.

Improve Productivity and Throughput

  • Inline thermal printing with optional label side up exit conveyance
  • Passthrough size adjusts automatically through HMI – 4X faster!
  • Semi-automated and fully automated integrations available

Maxwell Technology

  • Predictive Maintenance – Cutting edge diagnostics monitor individual machine components, notifying technicians of potential problems and allowing replacement parts to be ordered without downtime
  • Access data anywhere – HMI, printer, and PLC can be networked and accessed remotely
  • Use remote label printing, production reporting, and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control

Intuitive HMI

  • Networkable HMI responds like a smartphone – faster and with intuitive icon
  • The machine can automatically change the passthrough with the touch of a button
  • Save job settings in HMI for easy access
  • Design and store labels directly on HMI

Improved Design

  • Compact footprint, under 40” wide
  • Simple, quick loading and operation
  • HMI conveniently located on either side of machine

Packer Ergonomics and Safety

  • Simple, one-person frame and loading height adjustment
  • Fully electronic, adjustable height keeps the machine level while tailoring it to your operation
  • Low force jaw and soft actuators cannot hurt the operator eliminating the need for guarding

Faster Printing, Reduce Costs

  • Zebra thermal printers permit direct printing onto the package with barcodes, graphics, and alphanumeric fonts
  • Movable printer head sets to precise positions, eliminating queuing, reducing material cost and scrap

Easy Maintenance

  • New design utilizes fewer components, decreasing downtime and increasing ease of maintenance
  • Off-the-shelf, nonproprietary parts can be purchased at most MRO stores
  • The service manual is integrated into the HMI for convenient reference
  • Color touchscreen HMI has troubleshooting guidance, exploded view drawings, manufacturer part numbers, and HTML files with hyperlinks for more help

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