The Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) new nutrition label announcement will affect both the retail and industrial packaging industries. All retail food packaging, including imported goods, will need to be redesigned to accommodate new FDA requirements. As a leader in the food packaging industry, Pioneer Packaging is ready to help its clients effectively navigate the transition and expected cost increases.

Most food manufacturers will be required to implement the new nutrition facts labels on their packaging by July 26, 2018. Manufacturers who earn less than $10 million annually in food sales are considered small businesses by the FDA. They have an additional year to comply with the new regulations as their resources are more limited than those of larger businesses. Pioneer Packaging understands what this update means for your business—as your advocate and partner, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the new regulations.

Revised Nutrition Facts Label Regulations Will Affect the Retail & Industrial Packaging Industries

The new FDA regulations require that nutrition facts labels implement a larger font size, bold type for serving sizes and calories, and accurate daily value and nutrient information. Suppliers must be contacted to guarantee all nutrients, ingredients, and sub-ingredients are accounted for on the updated FDA-regulated labels.

As for industrial packaging, all foods labeled and packaged for distribution prior to July 26, 2018, can still be stored, shipped, and sold with the present nutrition facts labels. Companies won’t be forced to discard product and take a loss. All foods that are labeled and packaged on or after the July 26 date must comply with the new regulations.

The Reason Behind the Nutrition Facts Label Regulations—and Using Them to Your Advantage

The FDA implemented the new regulations to help consumers make more informed food choices and maintain healthy dietary practices. The update comes after a 23-year lull in nutrition facts label revisions. The most recent serving size requirements were published in 1993—and serving sizes have increased exponentially since then prompting the need for change. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to lead healthier lifestyles and the nutrition label update is an important step in supporting this movement.

Highlights of the FDA’s new nutrition facts label include:

  • Enlarged, bolded type for calories and serving sizes
  • Updated nutrient requirements (particularly added sugars)
  • Renovated package design to make information easier to understand

No matter which type of food packaging you use, Pioneer Packaging knows efficiency is key. Our expert recommendation? Take advantage of the label redesign and use it as an opportunity to improve the appearance of your products—consumers will notice. Our innovative food packaging solutions include eye-catching designs that will help your product stand out from the competition and keep your costs down. Make all your packaging changes—specifically health-focused ones—at once to save time and money.

Learn more about the FDA’s new label regulations and then get started with the Pioneer Packaging team to avoid rushing to meet the new requirements.