Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) products are employed to protect metal parts and assemblies against corrosion and rust, during shipping and storage. VCI packaging products are designed and manufactured to chemically inhibit corrosion and rust even when not in direct contact with metal. They do this by neutralizing harmful particles that might interact with these items and otherwise cause damage.


Corrosion Inhibitor Products



  • Easy Application and Forming Around Products
  • Can Be Used to Provide Additional Cushioning Around Products
  • Fast Diffusion Rate of the VCI, Allowing the Chemistry to Quickly Reach the Metal Surfaces. (Diffusion Rate is Typically Faster Than VCI Poly)
  • Lower Cost (Compared to VCI Polybags)
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  • Easy to Use. Metal parts and assemblies can simply be placed into VCI bag or crate lined by a bag. Items are easy to remove from the packaging as well. VCI film packaging products are typically translucent and items can be seen through the packaging allowing users to quickly see the items in the container.
  • Provides a Superior Moisture Barrier (Compared to VCI Paper) by Lowering the Water Vapor Transmission Rate of the Packaging. Prevents Even Normal Levels of Moisture from Seeping Through Packaging and Causing Corrosion.
  • Protect metal assets from dust and contaminants when sitting in storage and/or during shipping. Typical poly film/bags with provide similar benefits, however will not provide corrosion inhibiting protection.
  • Long shelf and service life. Product life can vary between manufacturers, but typically VCI film can be stored in its original airtight packaging for up to three years. When properly applied, it will provide corrosion protection for many years to clean and dry metals.