What is a Shrink Sleeve or Shrink Band

A shrink sleeve (or band) consists of heat-sensitive material that is manufactured with openings on the top and bottom to create a “sleeve.” This sleeve is commonly slid over or around a product or container. Once properly aligned, heat or steam can be applied and the sleeve will shrink to fit snugly around the product. 

Commonly manufactured to include 360 degree printed text or graphics, sleeves must be printed to anticipate distortions from shrinking in the layout and ensure artwork will be proportioned correctly once the sleeve is applied to the product or container.

Why Shrink Sleeves?

Shrink sleeves and bands are ideal for their ease of use, and cost to deploy. With an ability to provide 360 degree graphics and protection, and conform to almost any shape, shrink sleeves and bands have found their way into common use in health and beauty, food and retail, and even industrial settings. Bulk and bundled products are getting in on shrink sleeves as well, owing to their often uncommon shapes and sizes.

What Sizes, Styles and Options Are Available?

Shrink sleeves and bands are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles including pre-formed, cut, and roll, and full-body or standard. Have something a bit bigger or need something custom? No problem. Pioneer can help. Contact us today.

Why Pioneer?

For more than 30 years we have worked to provide superior packaging and supply chain solutions for our customers, so that they (and you) can focus less on supply chain, and more on growing your business.


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