Pioneer's mattress bags and boxes are designed to keep mattresses clean and in top condition throughout the moving and storage process. Our mattress bags for moving are water and dust proof with a convenient zipper closure. Use alone or combine with our heavy duty mattress boxes for added protection in storage or transit.

Pioneer's bags meet government regulations for proper mattress disposal.


Protective Packaging for Storing, Shipping and Moving Mattresses

Mattress Bags for Moving and Storage

Mattress Bags offer flexible, protection for mattresses, shielding them from damage, dirt, dust and moisture when shipping, moving or placing in storage. Bags come in clear but are available in tinted colors with minimum purchase. Several sizes and configurations to choose from.


  • Single Count Bags:
    • Full/Twin 54”x10”x87” / 1.5 Mill Thickness / Sold individually
    • King/Queen 78”x10”x96” / 1.5 Mil Thickness / Sold individually
    • Sofa Cover 150”x45” / 1.5 Mil Thickness / Sold individually
    • Chair Cover 76”x46” / 1.5 Mil Thickness / Sold individually
  • Bags on a Roll:
    • Single 39”x 9”x 90”/ 5 Mil Thickness 50 Bags per roll
    • Double/Queen 60”x12”x90”/ 5 Mil Thickness / 35 Bags per roll
    • King 76”x14”x90” / 5 Mil Thickness / 30 Bags per roll
Mattress Boxes and Cartons for Moving and Storage

Mattress boxes and cartons are ideal for protecting mattresses from damage, dirt, dust when moving or in storage. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Mattress Box Types:

  • Single Mattress Carton 38.5” x 7” x 75”
  • Double Mattress Carton 57” x 7.5” x 75"
  • King Size/Queen Size Mattress Combo 82.125" x 8.5"
  • King Size/Queen Size Pillow-Top Mattress Combo 84” x12”x 38.875”
  • Crib Mattress Carton 27”x 5.5” x 52”
Mattress Moving and Storage Container
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