Honeycomb products are an ideal solution for lightweight, high-performance packaging. Built on the I-beam principle, Honeycomb functions as a strong, cost-efficient and environmentally-responsible mode of protective packaging. Custom engineered from kraft paper material with continuous hexagonal cells Honeycomb packaging is ideal for numerous industries and applications Рfrom protective interior packaging, pallet stock or load securement РHoneycomb products provide dimensional stability for stacking, absorbs shock and vibrations. Plus it can be customized with your logo or other imprint!


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Reverse Slit Score


  • Fanfold Design Creates a Hinge or Multiple Hinges on One Piece of Honeycomb to Secure Over or in Corners



  • Used to Secure Cylindrical Items

Die Cut


  • Cost Efficient
  • A Sheet of Honeycomb With a Hole Cut Completely Through in Any Shape or Thickness
  • can Be Used to Create a Tray for Bulk Packaging or Used to Surround an Item for Inner Packaging

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)


  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Shock and Vibration Absorption
  • One Side Features a Peel Back Release Paper Surface

Cookie Cut


  • Long Pieces of Honeycomb that are Slitted to be Easily Pulled Apart for Custom Sizing

Honeycomb Pallets


  • 100% Recyclable Alternative to Wood Pallets
  • Honeycomb Pallets are Lighter in Weight Than Wood Pallets (Without Sacrificing Capacity or Performance), Making Them More Cost Effective to Ship Than Traditional Wood Options
  • Honeycomb Pallets Nest Rather Than Stack, Enabling Them to Take Up Less Warehouse Space When Not in Use