With our folding cartons, our goal is to reduce your costs, improve your lead times, and increase your production efficiencies.


In retail packaging, folding cartons are used across a wide range of applications for their versatility, rigidity and economic effectiveness.  With folding carton facilities located throughout North America, Pioneer Packaging possess an extensive range of capabilities for your carton requirements. We offer high-quality printing graphics solutions, as well as digital, flexographic, or offset printing. Additionally, we offer various thickness and substrate options for our folding cartons line.

  • Solid Bleached Substrate(SBS) White on Both Sides
  • Solid Unbleached Substrates (SUS)
  • Clay Coated Newsback (CCNB) Recycled Board
  • Kraft Board Strong Virgin Board
  • Chipboard Brown on Both Sides

Our folding cartons are available in 10-48pt weight/thickness.

Counter Display

A countertop display is one of the best retail merchandising options as it puts your products directly in front of the consumer.

Tuck Top Auto Bottom

A pre-glued folding carton with the bottom construction having multiple folded flaps which position themselves to form a bottom panel when erected.

Set-up Box

Rigid assembled boxes with a lid and a base.

Reverse Tuck

A reverse tuck carton has a top closure that hinges off the front panel and tucks to the rear, while the bottom closure hinges off the rear and tucks to the front. This allows a more finished appearance with better graphic design opportunities.

Straight Tuck

In the strait tuck end carton, the top and bottom closure panels tuck from the rear to the front or from the front to the rear. It is particularly well suited for products requiring a folding carton with window or front panel display.


A sleeve, tubular in shape and usually open at both ends is often used as a slip on cover directly on the product or over a tray. It is an economical packaging solution which allows the product to be viewed from the sides or top and bottom.



  • Four Corner Beer Trays
    • Trays produced with glued corners and are folded flat. Each corner has a diagonal score that allows the sides of the try to fold inward into collapsed position.
  • Lock Corner Trays
    •  This non-glued tray has locking corners.
  • Kwikset Trays
    •  Tray has glued rollover sidewalls.
  • Walker Lock Trays
    • Non-glued tray with double end walls and foot locks.
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Products Displayed Quickly (PDQ)

A PDQ display is a point-of-sale tray, bin or rack that is lightweight and easy to install in retail stores. They are usually made of Clay Coated Newsback (CCNB) or Solid Bleached Substrate (SBS)* and placed at checkout counters or used as floor displays in high-traffic aisles.

*Corrugate is commonly used as well