Applying Heat, Vacuum, or Pressure for a Quality Seal

According to the Federal Packaging Association and its 2016 industry report, the ability to reseal makes flexible packaging even more appealing to consumers, making the flexible packaging industry one of the fastest-growing packaging segments in the U.S. Resealable packaging is not only convenient for consumers, but it also reduces waste, preserves freshness, and allows for easy transport in today’s grab-and-go world.

Pioneer Packaging is proud to advance the remarkable evolution of resealable technology—highlighted at the recent Pack Expo International trade show—by offering the equipment that meets the needs of our flexible packaging clients.

Resealable Technology and Its Benefits for Consumers

Two decades ago, few companies were able to incorporate resealable packaging for packaged goods. Today, advances in flexible packaging and equipment have made the options more affordable. It’s easier than ever with three new, easy-to-use, compact machines offered by Pioneer Packaging.

The HIPPO vacuum sealer works by powerfully removing the air in a pouch prior to sealing. The lightweight, one-touch sealer reduces volume, protects against exposure, and extends the shelf life of contents—making it ideal for meeting the demanding requirements of the food packaging and medical packaging industries. The sealer supports flat bags with openings up to 300mm made of various materials, including poly/nylon, aluminum vapor deposition, and laminated materials—and vacuums and seals regardless of pouch contents. It can be used in factories as well as on a counter due to its flexible design and built-in adaptor.

Heat Seal bags provide protection from light, moisture, discoloration, and fragrance.One of Pioneer Packaging’s favorite machines is the QUPPA. Similar in size and as easy to operate as a stapler, the ultrasonic mini welder generates ultrasonic waves which spot-weld plastic packaging shut in two seconds or less. Just insert the sealing surface in the handset and lightly press. Packages open and seal easily without the need for staples, rubber bands, or cellophane tape. Ideal for food safety, QUPPA creates a strong, tamperproof seal for plastic containers, snap-on, or clamshell packaging, while presenting packaged goods in an attractive way.

The compact AZ Sealer provides dual and single heating to seal bags that provide protection from light, moisture, discoloration, or loss of fragrance. Dual heating elements mounted on the top and bottom are used when the bag is especially thick or requires a very high temperature to seal. The AZ Sealer can be used with polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon polyethylene, vinylon, and laminated materials—even thick aluminum or metallic bags with four overlapping layers and bags with heavy or unwieldy contents. Just steady the bag with both hands and lightly press the AZ Sealer’s table. The sealer is the answer to our clients’ packaging needs which include food, bakery, confectionary, and meat applications.

Resealable Technology Is On the Rise

While resealable technology is currently used primarily for food packaging applications, other industries expected to leverage the trend include household cleaning products, personal care products, and car care products.

Since flexible packaging already leads the way in terms of innovation, protective properties, ease of use, and printability, adding resealable qualities will have great appeal for many customers. Please keep checking our blog as we bring you more news about resealable technology as it becomes available.