automated bagging machine and case erector

Focusing on Equipment for Bags and Boxes

At Pioneer, we offer a variety of packaging machines that are compatible with poly bags or corrugated boxes. In this post, we’re reviewing Sharp® poly bagging machines and the Boxxer case erector, so you can see how they can fit into your packaging operation and streamline your process.

Sharp poly bagging machines

Sharp machines make it easy to fill and seal large volumes of poly bags. In the time it takes one person to seal one bag by hand, the bagging machines are capable of opening and sealing 10. It features a continuous roll bag system, allowing the operator to simply feed in poly bags to be filled and sealed. The system holds the bag open while the operator inserts the product, then the machine prints the label and seals the bag.

A smaller version requires no air, all electric and has similar features but takes up less space in your operation. It’s designed to deliver high throughput, quick changeovers, and minimal downtime.

Improve the efficiency of your poly bag operation

Poly bagging machines improve efficiency and reduce your overall costs. They come equipped with a moveable printing head designed to eliminate scrap, so you don’t need to purchase as many packaging materials. Operators can also tailor the thermal ribbon feature to your specific needs and products, cutting ribbon usage by as much as 90% with simple adjustments.

The Boxxer Case Erector

If you determine that corrugated boxes are the better packaging option for your product, then Boxxer case erectors will make your operation much more efficient compared to assembling boxes by hand. The operator simply feeds flat boxes in the machine, which then erects them, so they are ready to be filled. The Boxxer can work with either Regular Slotted Container (RSC) cases/knockdown cases, or Half Slotted Carton (HSC) cases that are 21.25” to 31.5” long by 15” to 24” wide.

We have models ranging from low, medium, to high speed production, with the fastest speed reaching 35 boxes per minute and assembling over 2,000 boxes per hour! That’s significantly faster than putting together your boxes by hand.

At Pioneer Packaging, we stock a variety of Boxxer case erectors to meet your packaging needs.

More Ways to Simplify Your Boxing Process

The compact Boxxer autolock tray and case former is designed to receive, pop open, and lock corrugated cases, cartons and trays in place before the items are placed into the boxes. It is completely automated and assembles up to 30 cases per minute, allowing you to fill more boxes in less time.

When it comes to assembling fold and tuck die-cut trays, the PopLok carton erector is your solution. It pulls a blank tray through its forming plows, adjusting the corners and flaps into the proper position. Pneumatic arms bend and fold the tray into place, locking the rollover flap. On average, the PopLock Tray Erector churns out 10 cartons per minute. It can handle cartons up to 25.75” wide by 11” long.

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