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Pioneer understands the complex balance businesses face in prioritizing innovation, manufacturing, distribution, and damage prevention. As companies strive to create cutting-edge products, streamline production, deliver goods efficiently, and protect merchandise in transit, it can be challenging to excel in all areas. But with Pioneer as your partner, you gain an ally committed to helping tackle these interconnected priorities.

We bring decades of expertise across the supply chain lifecycle to assist companies in launching inventive offerings, crafting quality goods, protecting products en route, and ultimately succeeding in today's competitive landscape.

With Pioneer, you don't have to compromise between business goals - we empower you to advance them all. Take advantage of our full spectrum of design, prototyping and testing capabilities to help you develop custom packaging that protects your product and your bottom line.

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Pioneer clients have access to the full capabilities of our Design Center in Burlington, IA, which includes our skilled creative team and state-of-the-art 2D and 3D design tools. Together, they can generate virtual renderings of product packaging that clients can use to vet concepts before moving on to physical prototypes.


Located in Wisconsin and Iowa, our rapid prototyping facilities boast cutting-edge equipment capable of producing production-quality prototypes (for one-off and small-run projects) to test the look, fit, and function of packaging before investing in the tooling and molds for a full-production run.


Packaging that provides protection from freight-related damage is critical. We offer sophisticated testing services that evaluate performance and ensure optimal delivery. Certified packaging engineers test package performance according to industry standards, including ISTA and APASS. Once completed, certified test reports are provided to validate designs and reduce claims.

Why is packaging design and testing important?

Protects Product Integrity

Well-designed packaging protects contents from theft or damage during shipping, storage, and handling. Testing packaging to make sure it can withstand the impacts, vibrations, and other hazards that await on the road to a consumer.

Reduces Costs

Prototyping and testing during development can save significant money and brand equity, rather than waiting until problems and damage arise. Testing can optimize packaging to avoid damaging equipment, wasting excess materials, or increasing labor and shipping costs.

Facilitates Frustration-Free Use

Don’t neglect the unboxing experience! It’s all in the details. Packaging should make the product easy to access, open, dispense, reclose, and dispose of.

Complies with Regulations

For some products packaging needs to adhere to regulations related to labeling, safety, environmental impact, etc. Testing can be necessary to ensure compliance.

Conveys Brand Image

Product packaging is the silent salesperson, giving consumers their first impression of a brand. Thoughtful packaging design allows the packaging to communicate the brand’s image.

Supports Marketing

Unique features, special materials, and other innovations can differentiate your product from the competition on the shelf. Remember: the main interaction your customers have with your brand is your packaging, so make it memorable.

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