Custom Packaging that Reduced Product Breakage and Costs

For Aged & Infused’s wholesale business

Aged & Infused provides alcohol infusion kits that allow customers to make specialty cocktails from the comfort of their own homes. When their wholesale business started to take off in 2019 and 2020, they turned to Pioneer to design and develop custom packaging to safely hold their glass jar infusion kits and keep them from breaking.

The Challenge

Aged & Infused began by selling direct to consumer in local markets. In 2019, they made the decision to start selling products wholesale to smaller stores and mom & pop shops. The challenge was to find a packaging solution that would allow them to ship packs of 12 glass jars around the country without breaking. The first type of packaging they used was flimsy cardboard, and orders would frequently arrive to the retail store with broken jars. So, they started searching for a better solution.

The Solution

After a simple Google search, Aged & Infused found Pioneer. They wanted a local partner that could provide a solution tailored to their specific product. Pioneer Packaging fit the bill. Aged & Infused sent us their product, and our team came up with a box design about a week later. The boxes are strong and offer excellent protection against breaking, helping ensure the glass jars reach the retail outlet and the end user in one piece.

The Outcome

Aged & Infused still uses the same boxes that our team designed for them over two years ago. This packaging solution has saved them thousands of dollars in broken products and has helped Aged & Infused build and maintain relationships with the small mom & pop stores that they sell their products wholesale to. The infusion kits make it to the end user in excellent condition, and both they and their retail customers are happy.

Pioneer is a fantastic partner

“Pioneer is just great to work with. They really focus on your product and work to understand it and your goals. They are not solely focused on selling you something or trying to make your product fit an off-the-shelf solution. Pioneer builds their products to fit yours, not the other way around. When we came into Pioneer, we had a time crunch and did not have much of a budget. They designed a solution that checked all of our boxes fast within a week, and their prices are very competitive.

“In addition to their quick turnarounds, large number of options, and high level of customization, Pioneer also provides unmatched customer service. Once we had an issue with their boxes, and they jumped on a Zoom call same day to troubleshoot the problem. They helped us realize that we were putting the boxes together the wrong way and showed us how to do it correctly. Since then, we haven’t had any other issues. They’ve also helped us by letting us store our packaging materials in their warehouse to save our space for product. They’ve been a fantastic partner.”

-John Feller, Co-Founder of Aged & Infused

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