Cohesive Packaging is Keeping Things Clean

Pioneer Padlock Cohesive Packaging

Cohesive packaging is prevalent in the packaging of products across many industries, including hardware, automotive, electronics, toys, sports, pharmaceuticals—and recently on the rise, in the pet treat and toy sector. The reason for the high demand is no surprise. The cards are more often than not paired with the “clean and clear” presentation of blister packaging for maximum visibility on the shelf, where nearly 70 percent of the purchasing decision is made.

With Pioneer Packaging’s state-of-the-art thermoforming and heat blister sealing machines—along with inception to completion capabilities—means we have the resources to customize your packaging’s size, shape, and stock, right down to the type of seal adhesive. Adhesives are referred to by many names in the industry, but boil down to blister, skin, and cohesive, and we use them all.

Our primary adhesive is blister, ultimately because of its sealing strength, which is activated with the combination of heat and pressure. Depending on your application, the weight of your product may simply call for a stronger seal to keep the packaging intact. Skin coating activates with just heat and can only be used with skin board stock, unless you perforate other stock options to allow for vacuum sealing. Cohesive sealing, however, does not require heat since it is pressure-activated and can be efficient for lighter-weight products. One could also argue in defense of the sustainability of cohesive coatings, because they “self-seal.” This type of packaging is 100 percent recyclable, since the paper in the card and plastic in the blister are not contaminated with adhesive.

Whatever the industry, when Pioneer Packaging takes on your custom packaging component—with or without the fulfillment and warehousing parts of the process—you’ll be shelf-ready with professional packaging and quality that keeps its integrity.