Medical Device Protective Packaging

Healthcare Packaging Case Study

Customer Challenge:

Customer experiencing broken casters on their high technology mobile medical equipment.

  • Complaints from hospitals
  • Damage required return of the medical equipment for repair
  • Costs incurred for company service personnel to swap out the damaged machine with a replacement
  • Significant freight costs to ship broken equipment to companies repair facility
  • Labor costs to repair units
  • Need for a supplier that could not only redesign the package to eliminate the damage, but could also provide a packaging supply chain warehousing and distribution program to support future growth

Pioneer Packaging Solution:

The Pioneer Packaging team analyzed the situation.

  • Redesigned and engineered both the top and bottom protective foam pieces so the casters are now suspended to eliminate damage
  • Implemented a warehousing and distribution program to meet their manufacturing supply chain and future growth needs
  • Packaging material lead time now reduced to 1 to 2 days
  • Pioneer Packaging is now the supplier of choice for all new projects that require protective packaging

Outcome/Customer Win:

Package damage eliminated.

  • No caster break issues since package redesign
  • Complaints from hospitals are no longer an issue
  • Additional freight costs to repair damages eliminated
  • Labor costs to repair damaged units eliminated
  • Happy hospital customers
  • Warehousing and distribution program executed to significantly reduce lead times and support future growth