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In 1978, a fledgling packaging company started under the banner of Cardinal Container Corporation. The original owners -- a husband and wife team -- founded the company as a distributor of commodity packaging items. In 1988, the pair sold the company to another entrepreneur. Seven years later, in 1995, this new owner hired three salesmen who helped the company grow at a rapid pace. 

In 2002, a management team composed of those three salesmen, along with a fourth, purchased Cardinal Container Corporation and gave it the name of Cardinal Packaging Products Inc. In 2007, Cardinal added three additional partners to bring additional capital into the company for future growth opportunities. 

In October 2009, the company relocated to Crystal Lake, Illinois, bringing all of its resource under one roof. Nine years later, in 2018 Cardinal Pack was acquired by Pax Holdings and merged with Pioneer Packaging under the Pioneer name. 

Together, the combined companies offer a wide range of stock and custom packaging and supply chain solutions across the US. The company’s product’s products range from food packaging and retail packaging, to industrial packaging and corrugated boxes. 

As in the earliest days of Cardinal, Pioneer is proud to continue the tradition of providing high quality, innovative products and superior customer service all at a price that is cost-effective for any sized organization.


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