Meet EndFlex: Providing End of Line Packaging Solutions

Designed to Increase Production and Reduce Labor Costs

EndFlex, formerly known as Eagle Packaging, has developed a diverse product line that includes case erecting, tray forming, case sealing, case packing, tray loading, pick & place and robotic palletizing machines, making it the industry's most flexible line of packaging machines. EndFlex has successfully installed packaging systems for a diverse range of industries, including food, cannabis, beverage, automobile, apparel, health, beauty, printing, pharmaceutical and consumer electronics.

Automation Solutions in Action

Endflex Products

Case / Tray Forming

automated tray forming

Save considerable labor by forming corrugated trays and cases automatically with EndFlex products. The EndFlex AutoLock bottom-former is designed to form auto lock, pop-up cases, cartons, and trays. While the tape and glue case erectors offer the largest variety of automatic adhesive. And the PopLok tray former is engineered to automatically form die cut trays at rates up to 1,200 per hour.

Products include:

  • AutoLock Bottom Former
  • Glue Case Erector
  • Tape Case Erector
  • Glue Tray Former
  • Tray Former - Display & Shipping Trays
  • Sealing - Tape & Glue


Vertical CARTONing with Robotic Loading

EndFlex carton forming and loading solutions for paper board are perfect for consumer retail products and protective packaging. The cartoners are equipped to accommodate both intermittent motion for lower speed and multipack solutions, or higher speed, continuous motion. While the carton tray forming machine with display insert or vertical cartoner is engineered to automate more complex carton forming applications.

Products include:

  • Vertical Cartoner
  • Tray Former with Inserter

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semi automatic case packer from EndFlex
BOXXER Semi-automatic Case Packing

Reduce labor costs by eliminating manual packing stations. Add consistency, quality and higher throughputs with Endflex case packing and palletizing machines. The compact and efficient stations work with a large variety of product sizes, shapes, weights, and materials. EndFlex’s end of line case and tray packing machines are engineered for your needs of today and tomorrow.

Products include:

  • Bottom Load
  • Counting & Case Filling
  • Drop Packing
  • Semi Automatic
  • Top Load
  • Side Load

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