Stretch Film • Tape • Corner Boards

Tape Hot Melt Acrylic Natural rubber Machine

Stretch Film

Stretch film is available for machine and hand use in a variety of sizes and grades. We supply both cast and blown films. With the technological advances in this area, you may be surprised with the performance of lower gauge films and pleased with the resulting lower cost and the boost to your bottom line. We also supply stretch film equipment for your warehouse.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap has been a staple of the packaging industry for years. We have a variety of stock sizes or we can custom design rolls to fit your specific needs. Variations in rolled bubble wrap including foam laminates, kraft paper laminates and adhesives creating several options.

Stretch Film


We stock a variety of tapes including acrylic, hot melt and natural rubber tapes for hand and machine applications. The tapes can be applied so that they are effective in a variety of climatic conditions.

Corner Board And Edge Protectors

Corner Boards and Edge Protectors will protect your skid loads both top and sides and come in a multitude of stock sizes.