Poly Bags

Poly bags are one of many types of food packaging provided by Pioneer Packaging. We have been servicing the continental U.S. since the 1970’s and continue to earn the confidence of our customers through our reliability and high quality customer service.

Plain Or Printed, Stock Or Custom Run

Poly bags are produced from high density or low density polyethylene and offer an affordable and convenient package for your product. These can be plain or printed and may be stock or custom run. Pioneer Packaging’s qualified design experts can help you create your printed design.

Poly Bags Food Packaging

Food-Safe And Compact

Poly bags are a food-safe product (USDA and FDA approved) and generally are very compact for storage. They can be supplied to you individually boxed or on dispensing rolls. Poly materials are available in a wide range of sizes and depending on your requirements, can be produced in very thin to very thick gauges. The gauge you need can best be calculated once the weight of your product and utility are determined by you and our experienced staff at Pioneer Packaging.

Poly Bag Special Features

Poly bags can have zip locks, anti-static and anti-skid properties. They can even have handles. These products are manufactured domestically as well as imported from Asia and India.

No matter what your packaging needs consist of you can rest assured that Pioneer Packaging has got you covered. Call now to explore the best packaging option for your products.